Reader: How Colorado Natives Can Get Their State Back

We had a big response to our post revealing the top 29 places people left on their way to becoming transplants to Denver. Ditto for one reader's essay urging Denverites old and new to get along.

One of the comments had a different take.

This former Nashville resident is now part of the marijuana industry. She believes that broader legalization across the country will slow the rate of folks relocating here — but she notes that would have repercussions, too. Writes Yessenia Tafoya:

Moved from Nashville, TN for my final years of college education, along with my family, who also wanted to provide a better education through the public school system for my teen brother. Then, after my uncle passed of cancer at 31, I found my way into the weed industry since he was being treated with Cannabis. I now sell marijuana to mainly transplants, since they are the ones mainly funding the weed game, but I get my sprinkle of natives. Weed provided me with the education basis I needed to help those who really need it, I.e. medical patients who otherwise don't have the same privilege of alternate medicines. Once cannabis becomes legal in a few more select states not only will "natives get their state back" but all the transplant money coming in will also gradually leave. The fight will be over and other states will get the much needed benefits from the traffic flow of tourism due to legalizing an otherwise highly regulated substance. Everyone wins.

How do you think Colorado will be affected as more states legalize marijuana?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.