Reader: I've smelled stinkier armpits at flea markets than Phish concerts

A recent Comment of the Day inspired by Estately.com's list of the ten best states for hippies featured a claim that many fans at Grateful Dead and Phish concerts were smelly hypocrites just trying to fill their wallets. As you might imagine, there was plenty of push-back on that assertion. Here's one of our favorite responses.

phluttery writes:

Hey, man, I am a 39 year old Mom now and have been seeing Phish shows for the past 19 years. Of course, I don't get to go to as many as I use to, but, a lot of it is for the love of the band and music. Sure, there are probably some people vending just to vend and make some money, but why not? That's America baby! And have I smelled a few arm pits in my days (And I have smelled worse pits at flea markets and farmers markets in my home town)... sure, more than I would like... it doesn't necessarily mean they don't shower.. my husband sometimes smells just as bad on a long hot day... a warm day and some dancing is sure to stink you up a little bit! I don't know why so many people that don't like Phish make a big deal. And, yes, in any group of people, there are people that do immoral things.. I have heard of a few folks on the scene doing stuff that is not warm and fuzzy.. ,that is too bad, but likely to happen anywhere.

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