Jenna Breen.
Jenna Breen.

Reader: Jenna Breen's hit-and-run death calls for tougher sentences of repeat DUI offenders

Our coverage of Jenna Breen's tragic death, allegedly caused by a crash with a multiple DUI offender, has generated plenty of heartfelt commentary.

Here's the view of a reader who would like to see tougher penalties for drunk-driving recidivists.

Nforbes87 writes:

I feel bad for the family and for Jenna. As I read the comments and items from the news, it bothers me that there is an emphasis on him being a 3 time DUI offender. The problem I have with that is most don't know that after the first DUI there is really no difference in punishment after getting more. Which means that two, three or seven DUIs have the same consequences. What we need to do is readjust our statutes and put harsher punishments on criminals.

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