Reader: Medical marijuana community doing a good job of wringing out the grunge

Intriguing comments beget more intriguing comments. That truism is proven again by the post below, originally affixed to a Comment of the Day item spurred by the federal raid on the Cherry Top Farms dispensary. Here, a reader talks about the leap of faith made by medical marijuana entrepreneurs to try to establish a legal MMJ system.

Ian Williams writes:

Dude, he isn't really calling for a crack down on cannabis users (omg, lol, "pot smoker" is SO 1990's, furealz). He's pointing out a truth of our industry: that, while most in the industry are attempting to legitimize and integrate Medical Cannabis into the community, some are using the loopholes to profit off of a black market substance while riding the bureaucratic flying carpet of regulation to protect their business.

There's hundreds of pages of laws we have added to "weed out" illegitimate, profit driven, or criminal supported businesses that had, in mass, come to Colorado during the Green Rush to exploit the system. The process is ONGOING and given our circumstances and the 70+ years of prohibition which have placed the drug into the secure control of violence, greed, and self-interested persons, we're doing a pretty good job of "wringing out the grunge" in the community.

Every single person involved in the Medical Cannabis community and industry, from lowly workers, to patients, to advocates, to legislators, to marketers, package manufacturers, landlords, contractors and print editors, has made a conscious choice to put aside the aggravation and pugnacious retorts to try and cooperate with local and state law makers and make this a reality, not some pipe dream where everyone's first name is either Cheech or Chong, but a stable integration of functional medicine into modern laws and regulations of a substance outlawed before the second world war...

It's a leap of faith for everyone. (Feds Not Included)

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.