Reader: Stoners aren't stupid enough to try injecting THC, but junkies might

Yesterday, Dr. Christian Thurstone told us he fears marijuana users in search of bigger and bigger highs may soon turn to injecting THC. Lots of readers weighed in on this possibility, with the one highlighted here speculating about what kind of people would, and wouldn't, give THC injection a shot, as it were.

Guesto writes:

I don't think stoners are that stupid but junkies will probably do it. If they do I'm sure they'll find the lethal dose of THC in the process, especially if they use alcohol as the transport fluid. Word is that a shady caregiver in Colorado found out his buddy was banging his wife and killed the guy with a THC injection and he wasn't caught because his buddy had a medical marijuana card. He supposedly experimented on rabbits first. Crazy people do crazy things. I'm sure Thurstone has seen a lot of messed up junkies over the years putting crazy things in their body for an extreme high.

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