Readers Aren't Convinced That Frontier Airlines Has Stopped Sucking
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Readers Aren't Convinced That Frontier Airlines Has Stopped Sucking

Frontier Airlines' performance in a recent government survey was a marked improvement over its finish in recent years.

While the carrier still had the eleventh most complaints out of twelve major carriers, the numbers were halved from last year, and it ranked well in on-time arrivals.

But if the reactions of our readers are any indication, the airline has a ways to go in order to convince travelers that it's turned the corner, quality-wise.

Here are three responses that tell the tale.

Sherea Spalding writes:

Haven't flown with Frontier in years!! Can usually find better pricing, better service, and more space to sit in on other airlines. Sucks, cause they were my favorite before they were bought out.

Patrick Fitzgerald writes:

I just flew Frontier out of Denver and back, it will be my last Frontier flight. The seats are molded plastic covered in a layer of vinyl or plastic and are extremely uncomfortable. To boot, they nickel and dime you for everything. Thanks but no thanks, I'll be flying another airline the next time I want to go somewhere.

Jess Smith writes:

TERRIBLE. My last four out of four flights were extremely delayed and customer service on the plane was lacking.

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