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Readers Debate: Does Frontier Airlines Suck or Offer Good Deals?

We recently reported about Frontier Airlines scaling back its operation at Denver International Airport.

The carrier was given permission by the Denver City Council to return six gates, at an annual savings for $3 million.

Frontier says it's trying to "right-size" its DIA space, but the move comes after months of ugly developments, including a brutal report from a federal agency about customer complaints and more.

When we shared our item, we asked readers to weigh in on their Frontier experiences. Some had good things to say, while others were displeased in the extreme.

Here are examples representing both extremes.

Anthony Shane writes:
I love Frontier and their cheap flights.
Lisa Tayyara Coffman writes:
Just flew last week on plane with their "new seats." OMG they sucked. People at check in are nice but at gates and on planes are rude and bitter. They charge you a gazillion fees. FRONTIER SUCKS AND I'M OFFICIALLY DONE. Will not EVER buy another seat on this airline EVER!
Paige Hyde writes:
I've never had an issue with Frontier.. knock on wood. Every time I've flown with them the plane has already been at the gate waiting.
Paula Unger writes:
They try to make themselves out to be "low cost" but by the time you pay for your bags and your seat, they're more expensive than most. I feel like it's a bait and switch, I thought I was getting a good deal until I had to pay all the extras. Won't be flying them anymore.
Kevin Doyle writes:
Weird airline. Just a short hop two weeks ago to Salt Lake City. New seats were like sitting on bleachers. Everything is a charge. Price was good and I don't mind for short trips like the one I did but never on a longer flight.
Pedro Maes writes:
Frontier is worse than Spirit, and they think we're stupid enough to believe they are somehow higher quality instead.
Kelly Maddy writes:
Every time I've flown this year via Frontier has been great (twice).
Samantha Bates writes:
The most terrible customer service I have ever experienced in my life! I will never fly with them again.
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