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Reader: Worst Food + Worst Entertainment = Best Restaurant Ever

Reader: Worst Food + Worst Entertainment = Best Restaurant Ever
South Park
It's been almost six months since Colorado's restaurants were closed to on-premises dining. Although some immediately began offering to-go and delivery, other eateries stayed shuttered altogether until Governor Jared Polis allowed on-site dining to resume in late May.

Some restaurants took their time reopening, and some remain closed, their fates unknown. Casa Bonita, we're looking at are many other people who wonder what's up with the Pepto-Bismol-pink palace on West Colfax Avenue.

In Facebook comments responding to our story about the uncertain status of this decades-old eatertainment icon, hundreds of readers served up thoughts about Casa Bonita. Says Jeff:
Casa Bonita is cool. Just don't eat the food.
Adds Jim:
Would hate a landmark like this to go.
Admits Dylan:
I thought South Park made up this restaurant.
Responds Jacob:
Can't wait to go back. Cartman knows what's up.
Suggests Ad:
I think the creators of South Park should buy it.
Comments Ted:
I like it better as a memory.
As for memories, here's one from Brian:
I got pulled out of the crowd to perform in a Black Bart cliff-diving skit as a kid. But seriously, if you ate the tacos and survived, you have a lifetime immunity to everything. Take that, COVID-19.
And more from Jeannie:
Lots of memories made there. I went there to fill up after a three-week Outward Bound backpack trip. We were hungry and kept running up the flag. At one point someone threw up, but returned for another plate. Not the best food after eating clean that long.
Adds Linda:
Yes, the food was horrendous, but you didn't go to Casa Bonita for the food. (I had the worse margarita in my life there.) You went to see the cliff divers, explore Black Bart's Cave, hear the mariachi singers, and maybe take a picture at that cheesy photo studio where you could put on costumes and pretend you were someone from the Old West. I can't count the times that I took my kids there. They never complained about the food, but had to be dragged out if it weren't for the treasure chest right at the end where kids could pick a prize to take home. I can't think of any other restaurant in the Denver area with the exception of the Buckhorn Exchange (not a place to take and entertain kids!) which has lasted so long. This is a huge loss. What will we laugh at now? Where will we take out-of-town guests?
And Lucas concludes:
Worst food + worst entertainment = best restaurant in Denver.
Have you been to Casa Bonita? What do you think should happen at that spot? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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