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Reader: In-N-Out, Go Home. Who Needs a California Chain Burger?

In-N-Out's Animal Style fries.
In-N-Out's Animal Style fries. YouTube
Colorado got its third In-N-Out Burger this week, when another link in the California chain opened at 9171 Westview Road in Lone Tree. And that suburb wasn't taking any chances on the kinds of chaos that accompanied the openings of Aurora and Colorado Springs locations in November; to keep traffic flowing around Park Meadows, it had prepared an elaborate opening day plan that had cars queueing up on South Yosemite Street.

Still, there were waits. Is In-N-Out worth it? Readers posting comments on the Westword Facebook page story about the new fast-food joint are divided. Says Jay:
In-N-Out, go home! Who needs a California chain burger?
Suggests Matthue:
Anyone who hates on In-N-Out hasn’t had Animal Style fries. If they have had them and still hate, then they also hate puppies and orphans.
Adds John: 
Haters gonna hate. I’ll simply go and enjoy Animal Style fries and a double double.
Counters Kelly:
California-grown here. In-N-Out's fries are TRASH. Smother them in whatever you want, but they suck. Their burgers are bomb, though.
Responds Brendan:
Meh. Local burger joints are better. There are some great local restaurants in my neighborhood.
Suggests Josh: 
Good Times is better. Go back to California if you miss your garage so much.
Adds John:
Smashburger is way better. In-N-Out is overrated. Freddy’s crushes all of them.
Urges Gary:
Keep Colorado like Colorado.
Among the local spots that other readers suggest: Park Burger, Crown Burger and the Cherry Cricket. Other homegrown spots including Good Times (Boulder, 1987) and Smashburger (Denver, 2007) got their start here, too, although Freddy's did not.

Have you been to any of the three new In-N-Out spots in Colorado? How about the spots on our list of the "Ten Best Locally Owned Burger Bars"? What's your favorite burger in Denver? Post a comment or share your thoughts at
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