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Reader: What's Meow Wolf? A Museum for Hipsters?

Kenzie Bruce
People are howling about Meow Wolf around the world, and it's been big news in Denver all year, since the Santa Fe-based outfit announced that it would open a massive facility in the Mile High City in 2020. Soon after, Las Vegas snagged another Meow Wolf outpost, and this week, plans for a place in Washington, D.C. emerged.

But still, some people don't know exactly what Meow Wolf is...or about the phenomenon at all.

Says Matthew: 
So what is it? A restaurant? Museum for hipsters? What?
Responds Sasha: 
It is an interactive art gallery.
Suggests Lisa: 
It's a blast.
Adds Tessa: 
It's incredibly difficult to describe. But they have some videos on YouTube that give a much better idea of what it's like. One of my favorite experiences!!
But Ted has concerns:
I don't mean to be a downer - I love the original - but i'm really concerned about whether this is going to deliver diminishing returns. The Santa Fe location works so well in part because it's half art gallery / half roadside attraction.
And Lee concludes:
I'm now over Meow Wolf. By the time it opens here, it will have already been played out. I would prefer a second Casa Bonita location instead.
Keep reading for more about Meow Wolf and Casa Bonita.

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