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Reader: Colorado Pot Smokers Have Become Major Snobs

Shop around to find the right dispensary.
Shop around to find the right dispensary. Jacqueline Collins
"Why does dispensary weed suck so much? It’s either poor-smelling, still full of nutrients or covered in pesticides." That's what reader Yuck asked our Stoner this week, and while he suggested that the disappointed cannabis consumer was probably just shopping at the wrong places, our readers had other answers.

Says Paul:
I think a percentage of pot smokers in Colorado have simply become major pot snobs.
Comments Jonathan:  
When you go to a recreational shop looking for medicinal quality medicine... don’t go to McDonald's and expect a big juicy T-bone steak.
Adds Karen: 
I could rattle off more than a handful of places that have beautiful bud for way under $30 an 1/8 but pretty sure this writer doesn't deserve to know where they are.
Responds Curt: 
Denver top is about as good as Cali outdoor.
Says Bob:
 My opinion is that the dispensaries around town give a fair deal at a fair price. Get over it.
But then there's this from Steve:
 All these people claiming there IS good flower in town still.... prove it. Tell us where. I don't believe it.

Weed in CO was WAY better in the 90s!
And from Tyler: 
Weed was way danker BEFORE legalization.
Jonathan responds: it wasn’t. Why? Resources. Specifically LEGAL resources. Just because (I’m assuming) you had a good home grow hook up in the '90s doesn’t set a precedent for the state as a whole. Same exact argument can be said for the other side of this argument: Just because you shop at a poor quality store, doesn’t mean the entire industry is trash.
But Steve isn't satisfied: 
Post your flower shop, or shut up. Quit trying to defend the indefensible... just tell me who has the goods. I don't have time to sample every dispensary.
As Fuego told the reader, "There's usually a reason that pot shop is selling $15 eighths of flower or $20 grams of shatter, and when your nose wants to barf after taking a whiff or the ash looks gray instead of white, you get your answer. That doesn't mean that every dispensary out there is trying to bend you over, though."

His recommendation? Find pot shops that "take their reputations and the quality of their buds seriously." But fair warning, that attention to detail almost always comes at a price. "Flash deals aside," he notes, "you're going to have to pay at least $30 before tax for a quality eighth."

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