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Reader: Are Colorado Dispensaries Run by People Who Don't Smoke Weed?

Jacqueline Collins
A reader recently asked whether he should cure his marijuana for a few days after he bought it.

Our Stoner's response: "Curing should be done by cannabis suppliers before it reaches your hands, but that’s not the case at most commercial operations. ... Waiting a week as your weed ripens in a jar doesn’t sound like much fun, but if you buy large enough amounts or have the patience, it’s worth the wait."

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the column, commenters have other suggestions: Says DeMario:
Go to a better dispensary. 
Replies Joe: 
Yes, just wait.
Counters Zenn: 
Some people can’t afford $65 an eighth for something that was properly grown and cured.
Comments Veronica:
I was just talking about how curing has gone out the window and is no longer a thought in the mj corporate space. Curing is a huge part of great herb. As far as I am aware, it is now all about growing a much as possible, harvesting, drying, trimming and putting on the shelves to sell. Shame.
Suggests Graehm:
It’s almost as if our dispensaries are run by people who don’t smoke weed. Grow your own, people. Start-up cost sucks, but it pays for itself.
What spots would you recommend for cannabis that's been properly cured? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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