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Reader: Cookies in Denver? That's the Way the Local Market Crumbles

A Cookies dispensary arrived in Denver this week.
A Cookies dispensary arrived in Denver this week. Thomas Mitchell
Founded by cannabis breeders Jigga and Berner, whose original cut of Girl Scout Cookies seeded the roots for one of America's most popular strain lineups, the California-based Cookies has grown into a network of storefronts and licensing deals across the country.

And this week, Colorado got its first Cookies store: at 2057 South Broadway. In their Facebook comments on our post, fans and foes alike discussed what the brand brings to Denver. Asks Sean:
What's the big deal? There are hundreds of dispensaries already.
Responds Jayne: 
Tried it in California. Great stuff. That's the way the local market crumbles!
Notes Neil:
Great. More millionaire pot-shop owners. Just what Denver needs.
Wonders Daniel:
What is this, an out-of-state chain? Why wouldn't people just shop at local dispensaries?
Replies Nathan:
They are actually worth the money. Excellent medicine.
Adds Allie: 
Yaaasss! Guess where we're taking Pops for his early Christmas present?!?!
And Jason warns:
The line is long if you go, FYI.
Cookies products have been available in Colorado since May. The first Cookies store in Denver, located in the heart of South Broadway's Green Mile, is a partnership between Cookies, Diego Pellicer (another Denver dispensary operation, and the building's former occupant) and Slang Worldwide. The dispensary is carrying the strains that local cannabis consumers have become familiar with, including Gary Payton, Georgia Pie and Cheetah Piss.

Have you tried those Cookies strains? Have you visited the store here? Post a comment or share your thoughts at
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