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Reader: Hey, Let's Ban Oktoberfest, New Year's Eve and St. Paddy's Day, Too!

Should the city ban this?
Should the city ban this? Brandon Marshall
On June 2, organizers of the Denver 420 Rally appealed the City of Denver's decision to prohibit them from applying for any event permit during the next three years, as well as rescind the priority status that's allowed them to regularly stage the annual gathering at Civic Center Park. "The 420 Rally is singled out improperly because of the City and County’s hostility and animus against our message; our taste in music, culture, and art; our participants; our organizational leadership and their history of political activism; and because of actions of third parties, who generate the legendary 'cloud of smoke' every year, but who are persons unaffiliated with the Rally’s leadership and organization," reads attorney Rob Corry's filing. Some readers don't buy it. Says Anwar: 
Get rid of the rally for good. It was an embarrassment for legal rec and med.
Adds James:
Is it possible the potheads are so wasted they don't know pot is legal now? Hmmm....
But then there's this from Michael:
 Hey, let's ban Oktoberfest, New Year's Eve and St. Paddy's Day, too. Hell, let's shut down LoDo completely on weekends. All those damn drunk people, drunk drivers, hooligans. Then let's reinstate the prohibition of alcohol, too
What do you think should happen in Denver next April 20?
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