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Reader: Can You Imagine the Lines for Taffy If Estes Park Okayed Pot Sales?

Reader: Can You Imagine the Lines for Taffy If Estes Park Okayed Pot Sales?
Thomas Mitchell
Tourists won't find dispensaries alongside all the taffy shops and T-shirt stores in Estes Park. On December 10, voters in that town of 6,000 at the eastern edge of Rocky Mountain National Park rejected an ordinance that would have allowed the sale of legal marijuana.

Amendment 64 gave Colorado municipalities the option of banning the sale of recreational marijuana, just as they already had the option of banning medical marijuana dispensaries. While some areas have overturned bans they adopted in the wake of Amendment 64's passage, others continue to prohibit dispensaries. More than two-thirds of those who voted in the special Estes Park election opposed allowing marijuana sales.

Estes Park still allows the sales of many other things, readers note. Says Jimmy: 
No to pot. Yes to over-priced taffy and Colorado-themed crap made in China.
Responds Zach: 
Whew, could you imagine the lines for taffy?
Adds Tom:
 A marijuana dispensary might have made their endless Chinese souvenir stores more interesting.
Notes Ty:
 They only allow safe things for sale there. Like cigarettes and alcohol
Suggests Lisa:
 Maybe they're worried that people will mess with the elk and stop in the middle of the road blocking traffic to get a selfie?
Comments Devin: 
Their loss. People are just gonna buy their weed somewhere else on the way up.
Counters Henry:
 Good for them. They are following in suit with many other cities in Colorado.
Adds Joshua: 
 This is exactly how legal cannabis should work. Legal on the state side level. But left to each city to decide if they want it or not. The vote wasn't even close.
Replies Jordan: 
Headline should read: “Estes Park Rejects Economic Growth.”
Concludes Sam:
 One of the fakest tourist traps in the world is pretending it has a conscience.
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