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Reader: Traveling With Pot? TSA Doesn't Give a F***

Reader: Traveling With Pot? TSA Doesn't Give a F***
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One of the most common queries fielded by our Stoner, most recently in advance of Labor Day travels,  concerns what visitors leaving Colorado should do with the cannabis they'd bought while in this state. Should they consume it all, fast? Toss it? Pack it? Mail it?

The question isn't unique to Westword; the Wall Street Journal just weighed in on the subject, with "The Baffling Legal Gray Zone of Marijuana at the Airport." And CNN followed with "Is Legal Marijuana Still Legal at the Airport?" on September 7.

Our readers have plenty of thoughts about this.

Says Dana:
 I’m pretty sure utilizing USPS makes it a federal offense if someone gets caught. Denver International Airport will just make you throw it away if you get caught.
Replies Stephen: 
It's "illegal" to send edibles, beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, etc. via USPS without a license. That doesn't mean that millions of those things aren't traveling cross-country every day.
Suggests Robert: 
UPS overnight. Not enough time to check the packages well enough.
Notes Cameron:
I literally fly with a puffco, hash grams, rolled cones and carts...TSA don’t give a fuck as long as you don’t have anything dangerous or stupid in your bag.
Adds Armando. 
Pack smart. TSA don't give a shit. They looking for bigger shit then your Buds. Took flights to several states — Florida, Arizona, Cali, Chicago, Las Vegas — with it in my checked bag and two disposable THC pens in my carry-on.
Responds Jeff:
 God forbid you stay sober for a day or two, do whatever it takes!!! 
"Marijuana tourism is booming," CNN noted in its report, with recreational cannabis now legal in ten states, with more coming on line soon. But as CNN reported, "Where pot may be legally locally, it isn't legal federally, and it's also illegal to transport across state lines."

But Colorado is on track to sell more than $1.5 billion in cannabis this year, and in 2017, 19 million visitors were estimated to have bought cannabis products in this state. Is it possible to take it out? CNN talked to a TSA official at Denver International Airport, where marijuana is technically illegal. But screeners aren't searching for cannabis, this official said, and if it's found, the screener does not have the authority to make an arrest; generally, the traveler must just throw it out.

Has that been your experience? Have you flown out of DIA with marijuana? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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