Reader: If Trump Sees Profit in Cannabis, He'll Back It

Reader: If Trump Sees Profit in Cannabis, He'll Back It

While Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in Denver on June 8 to talk to the Western Conservative Summit, his boss, president Donald Trump, was back in Washington, D.C., saying he'd "probably" support the legislation proposed by senators Cory Gardner and Elizabeth Warren that which would protect states that have legalized marijuana, whether recreational or medical.

Readers were quick to weigh in on the bill, Trump's comment....and Sessions's imagined response.

Says Ben: 

The rare but refreshing occasion when us politicians will actually stand for truth and justice! Bravo to Warren and Gardner for moving this forward! The madness is over! Legalize, regulate and tax recreational cannabis!

Responds Martin: 

Why not also put forth a bill decriminalizing it for all states? I get it - incremental, right? But just start chipping away at it through both angles.

Christopher points out: 

Trump was never against weed.

Heath replies: 

Trump is never for or against anything. He's an opportunist. If it can make him money he likes it, and things that can make him money can change from day to day.

Trump is only loyal to money, and specifically his money. If he can see a profit in cannabis, he'll back it.

Concludes Diego:

 Sessions probably doing backflips.

Keep reading for more of our stories on Gardner, Trump and Sessions.

Reader: If Trump Sees Profit in Cannabis, He'll Back It

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"Trump Says He'll 'Probably' Support Cory Gardner's Back-Off-Feds Pot Bill"

Reader: If Trump Sees Profit in Cannabis, He'll Back It

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At the Western Conservative Summit on June 8, the word "marijuana" didn't pass Sessions's lips, though he did advocate for a crackdown on drugs.

But then, Senator Cory Gardner, who spoke at the summit a few hours earlier, on June 7 had introduced a new proposal  — with Senator Elizabeth Warren! — that would allow states to determine their pot policies without federal interference. And earlier that morning, Trump had said that he would probably support that bill.

Sessions had plenty more to say, though, hitting on subjects ranging from immigration to Masterpiece Cakeshop. "Here's my message," Sessions concluded. "We're going to keep up the pace. ... Are you tired of it yet?"

Are you tired of it yet? What do you think of the Gardner proposal? Trump's response? Post a comment or email marijuana@westword.com.

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