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Reader: What Can You Expect When a Round-Trip Frontier Ticket Is Under $100?

Chris Walker
Frontier Airlines continues to make the news for all the wrong reasons. This week we learned that Bill Franke, head of the investment firm that owns the Denver-based carrier, compared the average passenger to a "teenage spoiled brat."

"The consumer is essentially like your teenage spoiled brat," Franke told CNBC. "They had been flying with all the amenities forever and ever, and that's what they think they ought to get. They don't want to pay any more for the ticket, they just want all the amenities."

This comes after years of Frontier being on the bottom of nearly every customer-service metric in the industry. Readers are torn about Frontier's service.

Says James:

Suck it up, Buttercup. If you can't do that then spend more on a different airline. Really, what can you expect when a round-trip ticket is under $100?
Argues Simmy:

First world problems, haha I've had nothing but good experiences with Frontier and appreciate the ultra low fares. These are all complaints from people who are stressed out to the max, in the middle of a worst case scenario. Every airline has stories like these. I'm flying to San Francisco for $58 RT and Nashville for $60 RT in the next few months.

Explains Jim:

Used to fly Frontier almost exclusively. They were awesome. Then they got bought by Republic and turned into a shit show. Now we fly anybody but Frontier

Says Mark:

Well if Frontier invented the Star Trek Teleporter then there wouldn't be so many complaints. Get with it. This is the future, if we got to fly. Is it too hard to ask for a private jet and top shelf Champagne? All of this under 100 dollars.

Explains Caitlin:

Expecting gate agents to acknowledge you while you stood in front of them for 5 minutes is considered bratty behavior? Oh, my bad.

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