KystaLeaves is a Fuego favorite.
KystaLeaves is a Fuego favorite.
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Reader: Quit Complaining and Grow Your Own Weed!

While many local dispensaries now get their cannabis from a variety of sources, some still focus on the strains they grow themselves, producing such good weed that other stores would rather buy it wholesale than grow their own.

But it's still gratifying to try things from the source, notes Herbert Fuego, who just served up his list of Denver's best dispensaries for homegrown flower. While readers agreed with some picks, others wondered why their own favorites weren't included...and a few had nothing good at all to say about dispensaries these days.

A sampling of their comments on Facebook include this from Zachery:

Great article. I would add some shops, remove some shops, and rearrange some shops on the list, but many great recommended dispensaries.

Counters Kevin:

This article and these places are garbage.

Adds Lisa:

It's hit or miss with most dispensaries.

Comments Joe:

I have shitty taste, so I just go wherever is cheapest.

Suggests Jay: 

Now do an article on where to find the cheapest weed. Some of us are poor.

Warns Dan:

I'd be careful giving up the good spots. The good drops already go too quick.

Complains Jesse: 

I have not yet found a dispensary that has anything better than pretty swag....they are all about get it grown and get it sold! They need to concentrate on the drying and curing process so it actually has a terpen profile when you smell the cannabis, instead of wondering whose horse the hay was stolen from.

Suggests Joseph: 

Unless you grow yourself or black market, weed will always be overpriced. Same can be said with craft beer...unless you brew beer yourself. Potheads complain a lot.

Responds Saj. 

Marijuana Deals Near You

Everywhere is trash now. Poor quality, poorly cured, overpriced, no more specials, and they look for ANY reason to turn away valid IDs, now. Pathetic. I’m going off-grid....

Concludes Mateo: 

Nobody cures cannabis correctly. "Recreational" weed was the worst thing to happen to cannabis...

What do you think of the quality of recreational cannabis? What's your favorite dispensary in metro Denver? Post a comment or email marijuana@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.