Denver Dispensaries That Only Grow and Sell Their Own Weed

Trenchtown is worth the drive west.
Trenchtown is worth the drive west. Scott Lentz
When recreational dispensaries first opened in Colorado, they grew virtually all of the weed that their customers bought. This wasn't out of choice: State laws at the time mandated that dispensaries cultivate their own cannabis in order to minimize black-market trafficking. But times have changed, and so has the way we get our weed.

Now that dispensaries are no longer limited by vertical integration laws, the majority of pot shops get large portions of their inventory, if not all of it, from wholesale growers. While wholesale cannabis doesn't necessarily mean a dip in quality or hike in price, some consumers prefer putting a face and name to people supplying their herb. For those farm-to-table-loving tokers, here are some of our favorite Denver-area dispensaries that stock their shelves only with pot they grow themselves.

Verde Natural
5101 East Colfax Avenue

302 Pearl Street, Boulder

Some of our Verde Natural favorite strains: Hazelnut Cream, Black Mamba, U.K. Cheese

House of Dankness
10555 East 45th Avenue

Some of our favorite House of Dankness strains: Flo OG, Cornbread, Ghost Train Haze, Tangerine Kush

734 Sheridan Boulevard

Some of our favorite Trenchtown strains: Kings Kush, Hash Plant

Kind Love
4380 East Alameda Avenue, Glendale

Some of our favorite Kind Love strains: Alien Rock Candy, Ecto-Cooler, Love Affair, Tiger's Milk

The Health Center
Three metro locations

Some of our favorite Health Center strains: Strawberry Sequoia, Mandarin Cookies

5301 Vasquez Boulevard, Commerce City

Some of our favorite KrystaLeaves strains: Creamsicle, Pineapple Chunk
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