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Reader: If You Haven't Talked to Your Kids About Marijuana, That's on You!

A local landmark.
A local landmark. Danielle Lirette
A marijuana dispensary chain could soon open a new location by Bonnie Brae Ice Cream, a longtime landmark at 799 South University Boulevard. Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, a Colorado-based company with seven stores in the state, wants to transfer a license to 2331 East Ohio Avenue, right around the corner from the ice cream shop, and a city hearing officer has recommended the move.

Silver Stem has received support from nearby residents and business owners, including next-door Brindle and Oak Wedding and Events and Bonnie Brae Liquor, which is around the corner, as well as Bonnie Brae Ice Cream itself. But some neighbors are fighting the store, saying that kids will be exposed to marijuana.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post, readers offer plenty of observations on this situation, as well as the marijuana market in general. Says Jason:
“Expose children to marijuana”? Existing laws prevent dispensaries from any blatant display promoting marijuana use, and it is illegal to consume marijuana in public either inside or outside the dispensary. So, how exactly does a dispensary being in that location “expose” children to marijuana? Everyone also already passes twenty dispensaries anytime they go anywhere…

Also, it’s kind of ironic when our country leads the world in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. I’m not hating on ice cream, but you have to see the irony…
Notes Ryan:
There’s a liquor store next door. What’s the big deal?
Adds Christine:
I agree—and would not a dispensary increase their ice cream business?!!
Offers Gabby:
Not only that, there’s already a dispensary located on Gaylord and Mississippi, right next to Wash Park Grille, just three short blocks away. Eye-roll inducing behavior from the neighborhood, for sure.
Suggests Coakley:
If you live in Denver and haven’t talked to your kids about marijuana, that’s on you.
Replies Clint:
Don't worry, folks...people are going to be in and out. Your kids ain't going to know anything more than a lot of people with tie dye go into THAT store.
Comments Lewis:
Weed is proving to be an unsustainable business in general. The market is obviously correcting and dispensaries are closing. Who knows what will happen next, but continuing to bet on the industry in the meantime is stupid. Don't tell the pot heads; they want a dispensary on every corner regardless.
Counters Nicholas: 
Dude, how high are you? With the start of any new industry, there’s an influx of businesses trying to make a go of it. Over time the less profitable ones close while the more profitable ones stay in business. This is business 101 and doesn’t say anything about the market or industry as a whole. Now go back to your 12-pack of Bud Light and continue yelling at the neighborhood kids.
Concludes Rafael:
Ice cream plus weed equals an awesome day.
What do you think about the proposed location? About the marijuana market in general? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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