Reader: Where Should a (Respectful) Tourist Go to Celebrate 4/20?

Reader: Where Should a (Respectful) Tourist Go to Celebrate 4/20?
Brandon Marshall
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April is almost here, which means just one thing to many Coloradans: Time to start planning for April 20. On what's become the unofficial 420 holiday, people around the country will be celebrating cannabis. Thousands of them will be doing so in Civic Center Park, the site of an annual festival for close to two decades, since long before recreational marijuana was legalized in this state.

This year, the date falls on a Saturday, which opens up options for many celebrants. Where will you be on 4/20?

Replies Mark: 

Home. Fuck the downtown crowds!

Says Anwar: 

420 is nothing more than an embarrassment and a marketing tool at this point.

Adds Joe:

Now that 4/20 is officially ruined, I’ll be working that day or staying home and avoiding dispensaries and Civic Center Park. I remember when it used to be fun. I would always stop by Cheba Hut because it was chill and I enjoyed the joint toss. At least I have good memories.

Notes Brian:

This is a topic I cared about when I was sixteen. 420 was a legalization movement, it worked, it's over. Go celebrate a real holiday high.

But Cody replies:  

The thousands of people arrested every day for possession would disagree.

Alli adds: 

The lack of legal consumption options you have as soon as you leave your basement also screams we have more to fight for. 

Points out Leon:

 So we can stop having the Great American Beer Fest every year?

And then there's this from Michael: 

As a tourist (sorry) for the second year in a row, I am curious to have a real answer to this question. Went to the festival in Civic Center Park last year and it was okay, but I'm not really interested in TI, plus I already have tickets to Snoop on the 18th. So what else is there? Honestly, I'm probably just gonna explore the city and spend my time at 1Up playing old-school games.

I know y'all hate tourists, but I promise to be respectful. I, too, live in a tourist destination and I know those people are the worst, especially the cruise-ship people. Uggggggg.

Keep reading for more on 4/20 in Civic Center Park.

Reader: Where Should a (Respectful) Tourist Go to Celebrate 4/20? (2)
Jacqueline Collins

"Euflora Will Again Host Mile High 420 Fest in Civic Center Park"

Reader: Where Should a (Respectful) Tourist Go to Celebrate 4/20? (3)
Ken Hamblin III

"T.I. and Jermaine Dupri to headline 4/20 Fest at Civic Center Park"

Reader: Where Should a (Respectful) Tourist Go to Celebrate 4/20? (4)
Brandon Marshall

"Twice as Many Pot Citations Issued at This Year's 4/20 Than in 2017"

This year's April 20 Civic Center Park festival will be headlined by hip-hop all-stars T.I. and Jermaine Dupri, with musical acts Dava, Taylor Alexander and Trilly Bass also performing. The event is again being hosted by Euflora, which took over the permit last year, but has a new name. "The 2019 Fly Hi 420 Fest will kick off at 10 a.m. and will reach its pinnacle at 4:20 p.m.," organizers promise. "Civic Center will be packed with hundreds of vendors, dozens of food trucks, fireworks and an airplane flyover."

As in previous years, the fest will be free and open to all ages, and you can expect thousands of people to show up and light up. Fair warning: Public consumption is still illegal, and last year the Denver Police Department issued over seventy cannabis-related citations.

While the Civic Center event is usually the largest gathering, there will be 4/20-related activities all over town, including the Red Rocks kickoff with Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube on April 18. We'll be listing all of these events as we get information; send details to marijuana@westword.com.

What do you think of 4/20? Do you have suggestions for Michael, the tourist? Post a comment or email marijuana@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.