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Reader: Who Cares If Cannabis Workers Consume on the Job?

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A new Colorado State University study of Colorado's legal cannabis industry found that while most of its employees were high on their jobs, a sizable portion of those employees were also high at their jobs. That might not seem like such a surprise, much less a sin...though it could have ramifications for a business's license. And while many readers think the study is silly, a few think more studies need to be done. Says Nathan:
I hate how long-term smokers smoking is equated to "getting high" like a tourist. It is not even the same experience anymore. I do not lose functionality when I smoke. In fact, I have epilepsy/migraines so sometimes I will be much more functional after smoking. I have never had an issue with my budtenders being too high to help, either. This article is useless.
Counters Aaron: 
I’ve had budtenders overcharge me, forget to bag things, and not know or remember simple facts about products. I’ve had to turn around twice and go back to correct orders and I’ve had to be credited once for overcharging. It’s actually really annoying. I can tell right away when they are shit-housed and I’m wasting my time asking legitimate questions. It is a problem (and I’m medical).
Replies Luis:
 It doesn't seem to stop them from being pretty anal about the weight.
Adds Naomi: 
How many people do their jobs, drive about town while taking their antidepressants and other prescribed (or not) pharmaceuticals? I mean seriously, this is ridiculous. Everybody's high on something, Red Bull, three lattes, wtf. This is laughable.
Responds Christy:  
How sad that is your concept of the world "everyone is high on something." There are people in other countries that don't even have clean water that live on dirt floors that are stronger than you. You seriously need to get high just to function? Pathetic.
Then there's this from Langston: 
U.S. Congressmen can keep and consume alcohol in their offices on Capitol Hill; let's change their rules, too, or we're just cherry picking the things we bitch about.
And Jonathan concludes: 
This would be a more interesting study if it compared cannabis workers to workers in other industries. Might also be interesting to see if there is a difference in anti-depressants, alcohol, tobacco, OTC drugs, consumption in this group compared to other workers.
Keep reading for a link to that original story, as well as coverage of more articles about cannabis studies.

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