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Herbert Fuego

Picking the best strain Denver developed last year is like a grandmother picking her favorite grandkid: Everyone walks away with hurt feelings. Gorilla Glue had one helluva 2016, the Girl Scout Cookie family tree only grows larger, and strains with the word "Alien" continue to invade our dispensaries. Yet for all-around quality, none of them topped Tiger's Milk, a resin-glazed delicacy that our strain reviewer described as "the perfect send-off" and "one of the most nurturing strains" he's ever tried. Bred by Bodhi Seeds and now available around Denver, this sweet-loving indica balances Appalachia and Bubba Kush genetics into a deep indica high without the drowsy debilitation. Its delicious blend of hash, vanilla and lavender notes makes it an even rarer breed, so pounce on a nug whenever you can.

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Headrush Smoke Shop keeps its head down compared to other cannabis-related enterprises around the city, but that's part of its charm. The humble one-room storefront harks back to the days when head shops kept a low profile, but the quality here is high. Glass and water pipes are stacked on shelves that extend the entire length of the shop, and you'll find a wide array of lifestyle items including rolling papers, incense, detox products and grinders. Since it opened in 2009, Headrush has become a staple in Capitol Hill, known for its affordable prices and exceptional customer service. You could say it's on a roll.

Readers' Choice: Purple Haze

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