Adventure gear can get a bit spendy, which makes Outdoors Geek such a find for its philosophy of trying before buying. This family-owned Park Hill store rents pretty much everything you might need for camping, backpacking, snowshoeing and more — and if you love it, you can make it your own for a reasonable price made even cheaper when the rental cost is applied. Passionate staff members love to share their favorite gear and hacks, and they're just as eager to sell you the gently used items available as they are the new stuff from top brands such as the North Face, Marmot, Big Agnes and Gregory. Heading out of town for your nature-based funfest? Outdoors Geek will ship what you need.

Readers' Choice: REI

Enter through the right side of the unassuming building off West Eleventh Avenue and Kalamath Street, and you'll find Scum of the Earth Church. Walk through the doors on the left, however, and you'll find yourself surrounded by walls covered floor to ceiling with glitter-covered quad skates. Death and Glory Skate Shop specializes in derby, park and quad skating gear, with an indoor ramp so that customers can try on skates and test them out. Death and Glory, which officially opened in January, has quickly grown in popularity with the Denver roller derby community, supporting local teams as a partner and sponsor of Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. Lace up, Denver!

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