Best place to take an afternoon nap and feel smart (2000)

Main library, University of Colorado at Boulder

At CU's main library, you can absorb the works of Aristotle, Socrates, Petrarch, Shakespeare, Kant, Crumb, Trudeau and the Marquis de Sade by way of osmosis as you nap luxuriously in one of the many study cubicles or on the couches that have been conveniently interspersed throughout. There's nothing more impressive to a smart gal or guy than someone lying there, drooling on himself with an open copy of Plato's Republic draped across his chest. You can even nod off reading the New York Times or the Economist in the library's periodicals room. If you're lucky, your dreams will be filled with images of Alan Greenspan sitting George W. Bush Jr. on his knee and explaining the importance of the Federal Reserve.

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