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Brace yourself, prudes: Infused product manufacturers have discovered how to incorporate cannabinoids into sex products, and you'd be surprised how far they go. Former adult-toy industry executive Angela Mustone founded HighOnLove in Canada, where cannabis is federally legal, so she could test out potential cannabinoid lubrications for sex in group studies. Calling THC-infused lube "the gift that keeps on giving" for the female orgasm, Mustone now sells cannabis-infused sex lubes, massage oils, chocolate body paint and lip gloss — which, according to Mustone, takes fellatio to another level — in Colorado dispensaries. The CBD products are used for comfort, while the THC serves the pleasure areas, but Mustone recommends using both to maximize sexy time.

Coda Signature is mostly known for gourmet-infused chocolate bars and fruit gummies, but the company also makes some of Colorado's best cannabis self-care products. Bath bombs infused with 15 milligrams of THC and CBD, as well as ingredients like lavender, sweet marjoram or patchouli kick-start a session of extreme relaxation, and might even give you an edibles-like high the longer sit you in the tub. Coda also sells a muscle salve with THC, CBD and CBG, and skin salve with THC, CBD and CBC, combining around 800 milligrams of cannabinoids in total for the fullest effect on your body. The salve won't get you high, and is purely for health and wellness purposes, but consider yourself warned with the bath bombs: Those things can be very much dual-use.

Denver resident comedian Josh Blue, known for appearances on TV shows like America's Got Talent, the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Last Comic Standing (where he won season four), continues to headline standup shows in town as he hones his national material. Colorado also serves as home base for his edibles endeavors. A medical marijuana user with cerebral palsy, Blue created a line of lollipops with Mountain High Suckers called Josh Blue's Dream, which are infused with hash from his favorite strain, Blue Dream. Affordable and effective, the 10-milligram suckers are exactly what most celebrity-blasted cannabis products aren't: worth the money. Dispensaries have maintained a consistent pipeline of celebrity cannabis brands that are destined to fail, so it's good to see one of Colorado's own still holding it down nearly five years after launching.

There are so many recreational cannabis grows in Colorado right now that starting one is like launching a podcast: Unless you're uber-talented, good luck. The guys at Single Source Colorado have showcased that talent time and again, though, so consider us unsurprised when their first crack at the recreational flower market was a success. Founders Kennn Wall, Logan Nuss and Tony Karas launched Single Source as a rosin lab, growing their own flower to supply the extraction operation. It only takes one sniff of their solventless concentrate to know the buds from which it came are happy and healthy. Now the public can finally appreciate those gardening skills, too. Single Source's first launch of GMO looked like it was dipped in sugar at Café Du Monde, smelled like a funktastic blast of Windex and burned smoother than a cigarette in Marilyn Monroe's lips. If we come across Single Source again, rest assured we're doubling down.

Cannabis influencers who only hawk products aren't really our scene. We want social media to lead us somewhere worthwhile, and Groovy Gravy knows how to give followers the goods. A thrower of exclusive cannabis parties, dinners and pop-ups, Groovy Gravy partners with brands such as Lazercat, Dialed In and Death & Co. for unique mixtures of popular cannabis products and local food and drink. Members of the Wu-Tang Clan popped in last year, while nationally known chefs like Dave Hadley and Emily Oyer have handled the cooking. Regulars on Groovy Gravy's Instagram page are privy to these events early, so give the account a follow and see if you make the cut for tickets.

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