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Best Cannabis Grower You've Never Heard Of



You may not recognize the name Growlytics, but the Denver cannabis cultivation has been raking in awards, and owner John Dean is finally ready to spread the word. Since Dean hired head grower Edriss Floyd in 2020, Growlytics has won six awards in potency and terpene content in the Grow-Off, even setting a Colorado terpene record in 2021. Embracing data analysis and conducting constant LED lighting experiments, Floyd and his one-person growing staff are on the cutting edge of cannabis, with particularly impressive versions of Spritzer and Wookie Monster. Growlytics products are currently sold in around forty dispensaries, and that could increase soon — but Floyd won't change his focus. "For a while, it was who can grow the most, not who is growing the best," he says. "For me and John, though, it can always be better."

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