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A Denver institution of affordable reads for over forty years, Capitol Hill Books might as well be rooted into the ground at East Colfax Avenue and Grant Street, right across the street from the State Capitol. A truck has taken out the front of the building, COVID-19's financial chaos threatened its future, and protests in 2020 were a tumultuous storm for the building's windows. Despite all of the recent challenges, however, Capitol Hill Books owner Holly Brooks has kept the store open and shelves full with a smile. Sci-fi readers, comic book fans, history buffs and new families will all find something worth taking home, whether it's a crisp copy of Dune, a how-to book for gardening, or a stack of old National Geographics from the 1980s. You can find Capitol Hill Books' inventory on Amazon, but nothing beats the smell and serenity of a quiet, well-stocked book store — especially when you can walk out with multiple reads for less than $15.

Calling Mile High Comics a comic book store is technically correct. It is a store, and it mostly sells comics. But that would be like calling a great white shark a fish, or the Amazon simply a stream of water. There's more to this place than the label, which is evident the second you step inside the 45,000-square-foot warehouse dedicated to comics, superheroes and much, much more. Classic and limited-edition comic books, old copies of magazines like Heavy Metal and Fangoria, and ridiculously fun pieces of pop culture can all be found here, as can the latest graphic novels and single-issue releases. We've walked in on card-game tournaments and lucha libre wrestling matches, and walked out with comic books about Charles Barkley vs. Godzilla. This place is an OG for seasoned comic lovers, and a spark of light for those lacking imagination.

Jon Solomon

Wax Trax Records is a musical nirvana. The longtime Capitol Hill landmark offers multiple formats, even offering walls of cassette tapes. But it's the vinyl — still the best way to listen to music — that makes the space so divine. No matter the genre, Wax Trax has it, with bins of world and classical records nestling up against rows of blues, jazz and country. Of course, you'll find also rock and its many subgenres, including heavy metal. The local music section is a gem and is as eclectic as Denver's scene. Turntables allow people to check out any records they want, and Wax Trax staffers are always on hand to provide a deep-cut recommendation or ten.

Courtesy Goldmine Vintage Facebook page

You'll find a true treasure trove of vintage goods at Goldmine Vintage, which moved to Denver from Boulder in 2017 and has been a hit on Broadway ever since. Get lost in the selection of invaluable records from the Beatles, Jethro Tull, Thelonious Monk and more, or find yourself with a pile of wacky T-shirts with bizarre slogans. Cowboy boots and quality leather jackets are consistent finds here, as are flannels, dresses, purses and jewelry. All in all, the store's name says it all.

Rosey's may be a one-woman affair, but vintage picker Rosey Floyd goes overboard to help a customer, a skill she learned while working in customer service for the tech industry. She keeps a list of specific items people might be looking for, practices fair pricing (even with pricey brands) and adds a little TLC to all of her finds, fixing and upcycling to bring out the best in each piece. Find Rosey at the Lafayette Flea on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on Etsy and Poshmark.

Lafayette Flea, 130 East Spaulding Street, Lafayette

It can take hours to make your way through all the goods at this sprawling store, where you never quite know what you might find on any given visit. Sure, there are some firmly worded rules (cashiers will refuse to price any item without a tag, for example) and no dressing rooms, but it's a total adventure digging through the housewares, decor, shoes, color-coded clothing and everything in between at Mile High Thrift. It also offers 50 percent-off deals every day of the week (though Wednesday specials are limited to seniors), and while it used to be cash-only, it takes plastic these days. Go big or go home!

Planning a wedding can feel as stressful as being in charge of the nuclear football, but brides who are ready to tear their hair out will find a moment of calm at the Wedding Seamstress, which truly exemplifies the idea that a bride deserves the best on her wedding day. An experienced team of seamstresses will make every dress fit perfectly, for a cost that's agreed to up front. The only tears at this wedding shop are those of joy.

6520 Wadsworth Boulevard, #209B, Arvada

Best Way to Have Your Old Couch Hauled Away for Free

The Good Couch

Founded in a storage unit in 2017 by a photographer and a fly-fishing guide, the Good Couch will take away your tired, rump-sprung sofa for free, then refurbish and resell it at an affordable price at its new location in Lakewood. Not only does this business reduce landfill waste, but it also gives back by donating to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, which sits well with everyone.

8475 West Colfax Avenue, Lakewood

You never know what you'll find at this giant warehouse that's filled with donations from individuals, hotels and designer showrooms. The contents include everything from sofas and dining room sets to chairs, rugs and decor, and everything is reasonably priced. Proceeds support The Other Side, a Denver-based nonprofit that runs a peer-led residential program for ex-offenders and former addicts with vocational training, education and transition services.

4400 Wynkoop Street

Even before you venture into the great outdoors, Feral knows how to make you feel all warm inside. This great new and used clothing and gear store also offers repairs, equipment cleaning and events. But its most noteworthy service might be its warm welcome: Not only are dogs allowed, but a sign on the door encourages visitors, paying or not, to use the restroom, have a drink or a snack, and relax on a hammock.

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